About Us

About Us

Tao.Net Advance System (Tao.Net) is a leading Java and WebSphere application developer in the region. As a IBM certified e-business specialist and 1st Asia South “100% Pure Java” certified developer by Sun Microsystems, Tao.Net has won many awards for its state of the art 100% pure Java powered innovative web applications including:

n In 1997, Tao.Net's first web organizer applet, WebOrg, was awarded as Top 5% Java applet in the world.

n In 1998, its web based world clock, WorldTime Bean, was awarded as the winner in Sun Microsystems Worldwide Java application programming contest.

n In 2001, Tao.Net has made another progressive step by merging with another leading Web Technology Company InstantMAC Technology Sdn Bhd an MSC Status Company, which resides in Technology Park Malaysia. InstantMAC is an Intranet, collaboration and communication platform provider that offers a complete suite of collaboration and communication tools. It was founded in February 2000 by a group of Internet and technology veterans under the incubation program of Netrove.com.

n The first site powered by IBM WebSphere technology in ASEAN to be developed and deployed in Malaysia.

Tao.Net offers comprehensive development that suits any business from concept stage to requirement, user-interface and content design, providing web-based functionality for query and transaction enabling with existing applications. With innovations use of leading edge technologies like WebSphere, Java, and XML, Tao.Net has pioneered the development of open web-enabled solutions.


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