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Now, Tao.Net Advance System Sdn. Bhd. can help you to determine the business case with the implementation of our PWS based upon IBM’s e-business and workflow technology. Our solution will enable you to graphically represent your business processes and then integrate them with robust, secure messaging and transformation tools.

Developed entirely in Java, Tao.Net’s PWS provides a superior dependable and expandable solution that run on almost all platforms. Our web-based implementation is ideal to enable your business to operate over intranet, extranet and even Internet.

With PWS the business processes can be made to customise the business flow of the corporation and scalable to suit the business changes in the IT infrastructure. Our solution emphasize on paperless document processing and management with document imaging system and e-form that enable your business to accelerate process flow, cut costs, eliminate errors and improve workgroup productivity. Our solution will also assist your corporation to perform different reporting tasks such as auditing, monitoring and tasks administration

Paperless Workflow
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