Tao.Net Webmail

Tao.Net Webmail is a complete web-based e-mail solution for company's site. This powerful system will allow the company to offer highly customizable, full-featured WebMail system that is branded with the company's name/logo to match the look and feel of the site.

Key end-user features

n Full-featured Web-Based E-Mail Functions which includes functions like Compose / Retrieve / Delete / Forward (with attachments)/ Reply / Reply All

n Allows creation of additional folders for easier management

n Proper display of HTML messages, inline images, and rich text

n Full support for sending and receiving attachments

n Multiple mailbox folders

n Access to external POP mailboxes

n Address book maintenance


Key system administrator features

n Web-based system administration control panel

n Able to create different and unlimited user accounts according to the organization needs

n Ultra-scalable architecture

n Proven reliability and stability

n Extensive security features including built-in support for SSL

n Fully customizable layout, graphics, and language

With Tao.Net WebMail the company can add web access to enhance its current e-mail solution, allowing users to access e-mail via the web in addition to using their existing e-mail client software. The company can also provide a full-featured web-based e-mail solution completely removing the need for users to install and configure any traditional e-mail client software at all. This will provide an e-mail solution that better meets the needs of users and reduces administration costs.


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