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Tao.Net WebSphere Service Pack is a comprehensive personalized WebSphere support program that engages a dedicated team of experience IBM certified WebSphere specialist. Our Service Pack Team will ensure that your WebSphere operates at peak performance and 24X7 so that your systems are fully functional and your data is accessible. Tao.Net WebSphere Service Pack offers a comprehensive range of WebSphere application support, delivered either through our Service On-line (SOL) or Service On-site (SOS) support.

WebSphere Setup & Support
a. Application server setup & troubleshooting
b. RDBMS setup
c. JDK setup
d. Configuration
e. Maintenance

Related Network Infrastructure Setup
a. Network infrastructure planning
b. DNS setup
c. Firewall Setup
d. Server setup
e. Additional device setup (e.g. LAN Card)
f. Maintenance for each of the above, if applicable

Service On-line (SOL)
Tao.Net Service On-line service is managed by qualified Java and WebSphere professionals. From our helpdesk, our experts will diagnose and solve your problem promptly and efficiently, thus minimizing any downtime to your business operations.

Service On-site (SOS)
Tao.Net Service On-site offers the most efficient and customizable support from our dedicated technical team. In this case the content of our services is defined by you and will best help you increase your development productivity. We can also provide you with customized on-site training which covers the modules of your choice or simply help you to develop or debug your application.

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Host Integration
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