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The Standard Chartered Group is an unusual banking business. Although its roots are clearly British, its area of operations, its network and indeed its profits stream are overwhelmingly international. Standard Chartered is the world's leading emerging markets bank employing 32,000 people in 615 offices across 56 countries primarily in Asia, the sub-continent, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


As a focussed and disciplined bank, Standard Chartered concentrates on core businesses such as Consumer and Wholesale Banking. Their products and services includes:

n Personal Banking
Personal Finance, Credit Cards, Priority Banking, Personal Investment, Insurance, Deposit and Retail Services.

n Small Business
Cash Management, Credit Facilities, Trade Services.

n Wholesome Banking
Global Markets, Corporate and Institutional Banking.

Project description:

To implement a web based digital signing and verification full cycle (Public Key Integration) which deployed using GemPlus smartcard loaded with Verisign digital certificate. The actual implementation uses an applet that is able to sign a document with 512-bit private key stored on the smartcard and pass the signed document together with its signature and signing info (hashing algorithm plus document type) onto server side for verification. The digital signing verification, on the other hand, is implemented to verify the integrity of the received document by validating the document with attached signature.

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