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APCN2 is a web-based reporting and resource searching system to be used by all parties involved in the NEC ACPN2 Project. The project focuses in building effective collaborative reporting environment for the project team from six different countries.

Project description:

This web based solution provide collaborative environment for four different groups of users:
1. Clients - the normal users who can view the progress report (for all sites) of the project.
2. Site Supervisors - this group of user is in charge of writing up daily and deficiencies reports of the progress if needed.
3. Project Administrator (Tokyo office) - This group of user can view all the reports in the system and is in charge of writing up the Progress report for the project.
4. Site Administrator - This is the group of users who will be in charge of creating and maintaining the users profile in the system. For example, creating the account for the clients, changing supervisor's password and so on. The Site Administrator will be in charge of manually backing the database as well.
This application is running on Apache-Tomcat platform on an IBM Netfinity Server running Windows 2000.

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