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How Advanced Document Capture Can Improve Business Outcomes

The Frost & Sullivan analyst white paper discusses how enterprises can use data capture, digital business automation, and robotic process automation to unlock the valuable information locked inside PDFs, emails, faxes and other business documents and then use it to drive productivity, shrink cycle times, improve decision making and boost the bottom line.

White paper highlights explore:

  • Why automating data capture enables enterprises greater flexibility and scalability.
  • How successful enterprises are increasing revenues and customer satisfaction by implementing machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots and advanced analytics to improve customer experience and efficiency.
  • How an integral relationship between data capture and data-driven insights can drive increased information accuracy, decision making speed and business agility.
  • Why implementing integrated digital business automation should include three critical components - cognitive capture, a full range of platform-based capabilities (tasks, capture, content, workflow, and decisions)- to successfully drive measurable business results.

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